The Bighorn River View Fly Fishing Clinic

Learn to be a fly fishing guide or better angler with Bighorn River View Fly Fishing Clinic inclusive guide school packages!

The Bighorn River View Guide school is not only for those who want to become guides but also those looking to become an expert angler. Our school is led by expert guide Chad Pavlick,  who will focus on the individual needs of all students and give them a skill set that will work not only on the Bighorn but on all rivers. We will focus on each student to maximize their knowledge in the many aspects of being a great angler including fly fishing as well as teaching students how to read the water for better fishing. With a maximum groups size of only 6 students you'll have instruction including:

  • Where look for fish in different times of the year
  • Different hatches
  • Different river flows
  • What bugs to use and how to tie the fly to match the live flies
  • River etiquette, river safety, and much more

Package Rates & Details:

We encourage you to sign up with a friend or family member for a lower per person rate.  - Call for rates

  • One person:
  • Two people:
  • Four people:
  • Six people:

Please note we must have a minimum of 2 students each week. If a week only includes one person, we will have to cancel that week or move the student to a different date.

What's Included?

  • All Meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers daily (You must bring your own alcohol)
  • 5+ days on river with instructors
  • Classroom time for fly tying: All fly tying materials included
  • Casting instruction on river and land: Nymphing, dry fly fishing, and streamer fishing
  • Rowing: drift boats: on river and lake water
  • Reading the river waters: where to fish for the different hatches
  • Safety on the water
  • Entomology: bugs and hatches


  • Sunday: Arrive in afternoon and introduction dinner
  • Monday - Friday:  On the river and partial days in classroom
  • Saturday: Certificate presentation and farewell breakfast

 Call us at 406-666-2550 or complete the form below for more information.

Student Testimonial

I highly recommend the Bighorn River Lodge Guide School for anyone aspiring to become a guide because of Chad’s instruction and mentorship. I also recommend the guide school for anyone who may be thinking of getting a drift boat or wants to seriously improve their fishing skills. Every time I have fished with Chad, he has guided me to a new level. I know I plan to attend again!

I have taken the guide school with Chad two times.  The first time was in April 2013 and the second time was in August 2016. I took the course the first time out of curiosity to see what a guide’s life was like and to improve my fly fishing skills. I definitely improved my fishing skills under Chad’s instruction and fell hopelessly in love with drift boats and the Bighorn.  I arranged to attend the guide school with Chad again in 2016 because I wanted his evaluation of how much I had improved in my fishing and rowing skills.  Chad is without a doubt one of the best rowing and fly fishing guides I have ever fished with. More importantly he is a fantastic instructor and will not cut you any slack.

I’ve been to Cary and David’s Lodge three times since they took ownership and I gladly testify to the great meals and accommodations.

“CHAD-CARY-DAVID-THE BIGHORN RIVER-COMRADERY and the FISH, it just doesn’t get any better!”

Mike Y, Aurora, Colorado

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