While visiting the Bighorn or taking a break from fishing while relaxing on the river, keep your eyes peeled for many bird species along the river.

Fort Smith, MT

Canada goose
Mallard duck
Double-crested cormorant
Gull species
Redtail hawk
Cooper’s hawk
Northern harrier
Turkey vulture
American kestrel
Western screech owl
Ring-necked pheasant
Great blue heron
Sandhill crane
Sandpiper species
Rock pigeon (dove)
Mourning dove
Common nighthawk
Downey woodpecker
Northern flicker
Barn swallow
Cliff swallow
Tree swallow
Violet-green swallow
Western kingbird
Eastern kingbird
Western wood peewee
Say’s phoebe
American robin
Brown thrasher
Gray catbird
Cedar waxwing
Black-billed magpie
American crow
Common raven
House wren
Yellow warbler
Yellow-breasted chat
European starling
Brewer’s blackbird
Red-winged blackbird
Eastern meadowlark
Western meadowlark
Bullock’s oriole
Lark sparrow
Song sparrow
House sparrow
American goldfinch
Lazuli bunting
Spotted towhee

Additional birds Big Horn Battlefield and Hardin, MT

American redstart
Upland sandpiper
Lark bunting
White-breasted nuthatch
Eurasian collared dove

Additional birds Montana Hwy 310 Custer to Musselshell

Brewer’s sparrow
Sage thrasher
Horned lark